Forgiving the homogeneity of the photograph I conceded to buying our son the yearbook this year. When I was school age we had two yearbook offers: one in 9th grade at the end of junior high and the other in 12th at the end of high school. This generation has a yearbook offer EVERY year from, it seems, fourth grade on. REALLY!

Anyhow, the beauty of writing the check this morning is that the date today is 2-17-2017. 17 is my favorite number for whatever the reason. I believe it has been since I was 17. The other ultra magnificent thing this morning is that Sam’s yearbook COSTS $17! REALLY!

So – I write the check out (yes, I’m a dinosaur and still mostly pay bills by check!) using all the aforementioned numeral placements. Then I look at the form to write in the total (since I didn’t want to add the $2 for a personalized yearbook) and see in fine print…you MUST add %6.25 sales tax. REALLY!

But – just to prove I AM flexible (to those who are non believers) I CALMLY voided my previously written check (not as difficult since 17 was not at all a part of its number) and added the designated amount – which I had to figure out mySELF!