Creative Circles

I had the utter joy of attending an Artists’ talk and Round Robin at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts hosted by Geri Holland and Cynthia Franca. I wish I had the millennial savvy to have brought my cellphone to share with you the works of art that are being shown in their main hall. Bless all people who continue to produce their works of art for the sake of living and life – that it’s a must no matter the types of benefits reaped.

Our ears were blessed with the musical art of two of our high school seniors – my what these young people are able to learn in their early years here! And to realize this is just the start of their creative endeavors.

Poetry, spoken word, paintings, including two elementary aged contributors and their pottery/paintings, and song were shared at the Round Robin afterwards upstairs. What a gift to hear about the origins these works emerged from.

One artist of a painting of old trucks on the Pratt farmland on Fruit Street described them as elders in the tall grass watching all. My whole insides smiled at that metaphor. Bless our granted human creativity and all our Creative Circles!