When you least expect it.

In researching my ‘Tatterhood by the Sea’ family musical I came across this children’s book: ‘Dare the Wind’ by Tracey Fern, pictures by Emily Arnold McCully. So I open to the first page and see Marblehead Harbor! The gal to the right is sitting on a rock by the Lighthouse on the Neck. Across the way is a jut of land where Fort Sewall stands. Along the coastline around that peninsula, by sea maybe a half mile or so, is the cove of Salem Harbor and my childhood home. I just kayaked that route last summer to witness the building of the new home replacing our old one.

Ellen Prentiss (That’s her on the rock.) was an expert navigator who learned her trade from her Papa, who captained a merchant ship. I’m learning more about her from the book Flying Cloud by David Shaw.