I guess if we keep showing up to the table we keep learning. I work on a weekly basis with my songwriting/performing coach, Vance Gilbert. Have been doing so for over two years. Talk about growth as an artist! I home recorded a mock up of songs I’m recording for my upcoming CD. As I played it in the car on the way over to my coaching session a few Wednesdays ago, one thought came roiling to mind: I don’t like the way I sound.

I believe many, including me, have that thought the first time they hear their voice recorded. But this was different. Somehow my singing struck me as if I sing keeping folks at arm’s length. My world and work has been rocked a bit since.When I had the pleasure of joining a Round Robin at our local arts center a couple weeks back – after witnessing some exquisite visual works created by local artists – a phrase came to mind as I shared this new space I’m exploring:

It’s as if I’ve been singing like a poster and now want to learn to sing like a painting.

Each day I practice and am drawn deeper into this vast world of discovery – how to sing in a way that’s emotionally accessible, welcoming the other. Trusting. Vulnerable – yet maintaining composure and certitude and a serving spirit.


It dawns on me this is probably a lifelong quest.