Cape Cod Canal

On going down to the Cape to take my big brother out for a birthday lunch, one month to the day from his birthday (Which – my husband worked out – when mathematically figured into 60 years of days is a time span of approximately .02, which, in the world of measurement is an insignificant amount – proving, basically, I was right on time-), I decided to stop off in Bourne to rollerblade along the Canal.

After donning my blades a fellow putting his bike back on his rack (the only other car in the parking lot) said, “You’re going to have a tough time of it.” Grant it, there was a hearty wind a-blowing. (Later on the radio informed me in some places gusts were 60-80 miles per hour.) But I felt determined.

I made my way down to the Canal bike trail and stepped out. I hardly had to do a thing. The wind picked up where I left off. It occurred to me as I was cruising that I might rather go against the wind first – but – in that I am not too proficient at stopping I opted to continue along for the ride. I passed a number of benches where I thought, ‘If the wind would just die down a bit as I near this bench then I’d be able to stop myself.’ But it inevitably picked up each time.

Then I saw my release – a side paved path entering the rail trail off to my right. I shifted to my left to make a wide turn. All was going well – until suddenly I found myself falling. I did not experience the magical slow motion fall I’ve sometimes experienced running as I hit an errant root on a trail. There was just enough time for me to think, “Damn, this is gonna hurt…” then BOOF!

I had forgotten my helmet so had my hood pulled up for protection! As it was the fates were on my side and I landed heavy on my hip and shoulder. Head was spared! It turns out I crossed over sand that wasn’t just a skim coat, but a full oasis. The rollers simply said NO.

I got myself back up and “rolling” – or rather, keeping some semblance of forward motion until the wind died down enough for me to make some headway.

All in all it was a fun adventure. And I do love seeing those mighty bridges spanning the canal while a couple worn and working boats make their ways through the chop. Love those blustery days by the sea.