Peter called from work Monday to suggest I might want to consider heading up to our newly acquired Waterville condo before the snow set in. The Nor’easter. For several hours I told my self I couldn’t. Then I told myself I could. I work on my projects from home. Sam would have school off. Asked the child if he wanted to join me – he declined.So I loaded my stuff at 6:30pm and headed up.

Along Swan’s Way Trail

Tuesday morning the snow was falling steadily but still light. I went out for a two-mile ski. Hit a few of the black diamond trails. Yes there were orange ropes saying they were closed, but…with the new snow they were pleasantly passable. I figured I’d head back out in the afternoon but there were gale force winds so I thought better of it.

Wednesday morning I awoke to sunshine (when the sun came out) and headed out. Intending to stay on the newly groomed SPLENDID trails for a few hours before I headed south, my mind suddenly filled with the thought – GO TO GREELEY! Greeley Ponds is a wonderful spot a friend pointed me toward in the summer. I biked and ran there then. Cross country skiing through foot deep powder was…different!

Frozen Greeley Scape

Seven miles round trip from Livermore Road and five hours later I felt tired exhilaration. Peter has since signed us up for insurance that ensures we won’t have to pay the full amount if a rescue is needed. In my rambunctiousness for the adventure I opted not to back track for water, food, first aid products, or extra warmth producing products. NOT SMART. BUT FUN!