Jamming (or hamming) at home.

This photo so speaks to the tenor of our growing up years. Our friend Eric, I believe older than me by at least a decade, brought his sousaphone over to the house when his family came to visit. For many years our families were very close. That’s older brother Greg (1+ years older than me) blowing into the instrument, with little brother Adam, (2 years younger than me) sacrificing his eardrums. Sister Eliza (1 year my junior) is looking on. Five of us were born in six years.

There’s just something wonderfully sweet, simple and rich about this photo. Adam with his cowboy boots and impishness – Greg keeping his eye on Adam, perhaps for reaction, as he sounds the horn – and Eliza getting a kick out of big brother’s antics. And – no doubt – our Mom behind it all (not in pic) suggesting Eric bring his sousaphone! Pretty special.