I hear a lot with these ears. Through the years I’ve had to learn to insulate wiring between ears and heart. Phrases catch my ear. I write them down – for someday they may feed my writing. At the very least they feed my psyche.

In my studies this week I read or heard the phrase Mountainous Inhumanity. I can’t recall the context now – I’ll find it somewhere in my notes some time. I do not believe that phrase will make its way into a song – not any I’m aware of now, anyhow. But it traveled quickly from ear to heart – as I heard proposed changes to our nation’s health care policies.

I empathize with the complexities of modern day politics. I do. I believe it’s simple and I know it’s not. But this is one area I wish our comparatively young nation might follow suit with other elder nations.

Health care for ALL is humane – base line humane. When I hear a statistic that we can expect 37,000 people to die as a direct result of losing coverage if this repeal passes, I cringe.

It seems simple and straightforward – thriving technologically advanced nations should provide adequate health care for all inhabitants. I sense that’s an ear full for some. But it seems like a slam dunk – both intellectually and compassionately. I believe civilized nations must rise above mountainous inhumanity – NOT institutionalize it.