Every 10 minutes!

Those in my family give me a hard time for my smartphone usage – or lack there of. Ridiculously enough I am the first one in our little family pod – dad/mom/son – to get one – and the least likely to use it. We won’t go into why that is. (Well, maybe Peter would – but I sure won’t!)

I forget to take it with me. I leave it in the car when we’re meeting friends/family to do stuff. I turn it off when I don’t want to be interrupted. (Not that my usage encourages myriad phone calls!)

But then I got my proverbial thumbs up when we watched 60 minutes last Sunday. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/brain-hacking-tech-insiders-60-minutes/ Smartphone companies actually develop software to activate dopamine reactions in our brains. They want us to become addicted – or at least don’t want to take measures for us not to! Studies have determined most people check their smartphones once every 10 minutes.


So – I’m resolved to keep doing what I’m doing – or not doing, as the case may be. I’ll continue to resist the urge to take lots of pictures when we’re out doing things. Continue to resist checking my email. Resist looking something up on Safari the moment it pops into my mind. Even resist plugging Siri in for directions when I can figure it out myself (or not, as my family can attest to!).

I love the sanctuary of the computer I was born with. I only have use of it for (hopefully) 90+ years. I’d like to get to know it as well as I can. Won’t be able to do that as well if I keep getting interrupted every 10 minutes!