Now this is an uh-oh worth living into!

After an email I sent to my engineer, he sent a one liner back starting with …’uh oh’.

We were in the studio all day Tuesday recording piano/vocals for my album of thirteen songs. I love that number. Joel sent me the roughs. I listened Wednesday morning.

The past two days have been both arduous and transforming. The work is good. It’s good. One piece is DONE.


I’m taking stock. I’m putting a plug in, at my age, for giving the all of allness to deepest, strongest leanings/learnings/yearnings.

I want each and every one of these songs to sound BEAUTIFUL – as beautiful as the beauty I (with others) am capable of mustering.

I can do a good enough job but I don’t want it to be good enough. I also KNOW I cannot want it to be PERFECT. That quest is a death knell.

I want it PEOPLED.

I’m reconsidering. At 57 years old my singing style is changing. I’m in the midst of it.  I’ve been singing like a poster and I want to sing like a painting.

I’m finding learning to sing like a painting Is both

exhilarating and heart wrenching.

Uh oh.