‘Stubborn she is!’

He had to say it a few times before I got it.

My son was doing his math homework last night so I figured it had to be fractions:

‘May the fourth be with you.’

‘Did your math teacher tell you that one?’ “No, Mom. May the fourth be with you.” “Yes, yes, I get it – the fourth – a fraction.’ “No, no ‘May the Fourth’ be with you!”

Oh. May 4th.

How great is that? Every year, no matter what, we get a reminder.

So I take a moment to contemplate Yoda. Somehow when Yoda entered my life in my 20s, through the big screen, something inside settled. “Stubborn he is,” comes to mind. I used to apply that to others but since then I’ve found the main one it belongs to!

When I don the ‘Yoda mind’ all extracurricular world things fall away and I’m left for a fleeting moment with life’s essence. I suppose it’s always there for the asking.

May the Fourth – oops! 5th – be with you!