What would your lunchbox be?

The lunchbox initially caught my attention.

I was awaiting our youngest’s arrival home from school. With track practice that comes an hour plus later these days. As I glanced out the window a red and white metal lunchbox caught my eye.

It was swinging to the particular type of self-confident powerful gait that only a young teenaged male can muster. He looked to be in eighth – maybe ninth grade.

His lunchbox – a touchstone for the whole portrait.

From head to toe:

An inch, maybe few, over five feet; brown fedora with black band perched on crown; dark curly hair under, pulled back into mini ponytail; funky leathery jacket; overstuffed gray school backpack with pockets unzipped for added space; black denim leg hugging jeans with hightop sneakers supporting all.

And that red and white-flecked lunchbox – swinging to his gait. It made my heart grin.

To witness one who dresses himself in himself –

That’s a

freedom to strive for.