I was in heaven. These fancy new comfortable pants I found at the store. Well. Not exactly fancy. Light brown with a crease up the front and back of each pant leg. But attractive enough – and – what a comfortable waistband!

It’s not that I have trouble finding comfortable pants. I do have trouble finding pants I like. Most pants I like the look of are cut low and tight. I know women are supposed to apparently like tight pants – but I don’t. These weren’t – they were amazing. Such a comfortable fit. The material was soft and flowing. I loved that a company was actually saying women did not have to wear low cut tight fitting pants to be fashionable.

I was so pleased, I wore them for my daughter when she and my granddaughter came over for a visit. Christina is stylish. (When Sam was younger he asked to go clothes shopping with Christina. Now he goes with me because we agree on an amount and he chooses the venues.) So I showed my new find off to Christina.

She looked at me with consternation and disbelief, “Mom, those are maternity pants.”

“Oh. Hmmm. No wonder they’re so comfy.”

(And still are.)