Aren’t we all?

Our youngest transforms from tween to teen today! Been through this four times before. No problem. Got it down.

Just like in that book by Chaim Potok – The Chosen – the Jewish tradition of Bar/Bat Mitzvah – Sam is now going to take his place in society as a responsible adult. Yes, young adult, but an adult just the same.

He’s going to put his backpack and trumpet out of the way of walking. He’s going to take his used lunch bag out first and empty it. He’s going to ask what he can do to help around the house. He’s going to keep his room clean. He’s going to make his bed. He’s going to put his clothes in the dirty clothes basket. He’s going to practice his trumpet without complaint. He will no longer wait to the last moment for major projects. He will no longer ask if he can skip a commitment because there’s something else he would rather do.

Yes. Finally. We can sit back and bask in the glory of the benefits we’ve reaped from the endless directions and reminders we’ve had to bestow upon him back in his childhood days.

Thirteen – our lucky number!

(Epilogue: I drove Sam to school on this, his rainy birthday. Pulled up to crossing guard Bob – Sam’s older friend for four years – I rolled down my window. “Don’t say anything about my birthday, Mom,” Sam warned, getting out of the car. “Oh – okay, Honey. Bob – Sam’s thirteen today.” Off I drove.)