One of the three major projects I’m working on is a compilation of six original kids’ songs and radio plays. The radio plays are in the hands of a Foley Artist who lives in Canada. Since one of the radio plays is about pirates he needed open water to record the sailing and rowing sound effects. I was unable to get the recordings to him before Lake Ontario froze over this past winter. Now the lake has thawed – and overflowed due to excessive rain. (Thank goodness down here in the U.S.A. we don’t have global warming. Poor Canada.)

Toronto Island, where Philly lives, is officially shut down by the City of Toronto due to the flooding. Lake Ontario’s water level has reached about four feet over and above it’s normal height. Philly says the residents been sandbagging for weeks. The recording studio he was scheduled to work at has been shut down, along with all other businesses on the island, per order of the city.

We shared a phone conversation the other day. Philly relayed a couple fun stories:

There is a zoo farm on the island which has released all their animals so they won’t drown. Stray peacocks make themselves familiar with their neighbors. Apparently peacocks are quite adaptive to challenging environments.The owners have told Islanders not to feed them and they’ll keep themselves closer to home.

Philly was out riding his bike one day on what in normal conditions is a dirt road crossing the island. This road was four inches deep in water. As he was pedaling along, on hearing an unusual ‘flip flip flipping’ from below he glanced down. There swimming beside were three foot long carp. “They were escorting me like three little dolphins.”

Gives a new view and contemporary context to the phrase ‘like a fish without a bicycle.’