Never did find it. Next time.

We spent Memorial Day Weekend up North. Our youngest son was with the Boy Scouts in Western Mass. We ran-hiked Welch & Dickey on Saturday and after lunch hiked Smart Brook Trail. Took an offshoot onto Sandwich Wilderness trail. I imagined huge Ham and Cheese sandwiches lurching toward us from trees – Peanut Butter and Jellies – oh! Liverwurst.

As we were walking Peter commented as we ventured on opposite sides of a particularly murky part of the trail, “Looks like you’ve chosen the better side.”

“Oh no. I’ve sunk through a number of times but just haven’t said anything. You can’t let the other person know you’ve chosen badly – because then you won’t win.”

“Oh,” said Peter, sounding a bit befuddled, “I thought we were just out for a walk.”

“Oh no, Honey. Everything is a competition,” I replied briskly, “Going out for a walk – or a hike – is a constantly calibrating competition.”

We marched on.

I led the way back down the trail – after reaching no sign indicating we had arrived in Sandwich Wilderness. Alas – no wild sandwiches this outing. At one juncture, due to excessive muck, I opted to bushwhack. Peter followed suit. I bushwhacked just a bit too long, though, for Peter made it back out onto the trail first.

“Now I’m losing!” I said indignantly as I stomped out of the woods shortly after him, resuming my lead position.

“Oh no, Love,” Peter interjected from behind, ‘You’ve amassed SO many points up until this point in time that there is no way I could possibly EVER catch up.”

I’ll admit it – I released an ever so quiet grunt of self satisfaction. But – in the spirit of retaining a modicum of graciousness I replied, “Oh – yes, of course. Well then – congratulations on your win. And – don’t be too discouraged – I’ve been at this a long time.”

“Oh, I’ll bet you have.”

On we marched.