Keeping on the ‘humble’ theme of yester week with a different twist:

I have a few distant connections with Lori McKenna. One is that my husband introduced me to her music when we met. The next two are a bit closer. My coach, Vance Gilbert, co-wrote and recorded a song with Lori McKenna. The second is the Crit Harmon, the producer I’m working with, produced her first album ‘Pieces of Me.’

Lori McKenna won the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Country Song with her song, ‘Humble and Kind,’ recorded by Tim McGraw. She lives here in Massachusetts with her husband and five kids – in Stoughton. No, I’m not stalking her. You can find that out on the Internet. Apparently she also attends a local open mic now and then – though I have not as of yet been to that one.

The other day I decided to check the song out. I hadn’t heard it. I first watched McKenna’s performance on ‘Colbert.’ Then I checked out Tim McGraw’s version – the official video.


I don’t parlay much in that lingo but this video calls for it. Please forgive the following thought based on stereotypes – which only live well in my mind because of my own limitedness – to have a Country singer produce a video that embraces all cultures in joy and celebration lifted my heart to the spheres.

Treat yourself: