Our 13 year-old left for Philadelphia this morning with the Boy Scouts for the weekend. They’ll be at Valley Forge https://www.valleyforge.org/things-to-do/national-park/?gclid=CKCjorSu99QCFYxLDQodZE4Pew on Sunday where we shall pick him up and head for DC.

I remember the trip I took with my eldest son and daughter and niece when they were right around Sam’s age.

We drove in ‘Vanna White’, my niece’s family white van. Took out the back seat so all could sprawl out. I remember a funny and gratefully long book on tape of adventures in an apartment building of many floors that made the traveling faster – not involving my pressure on the gas pedal – although…

April vacation.

We camped. I remember wet tent. I remember teen chattering, fun stories, and lots of creative passages of time.

I remember a big barrel spinner all three stepped into and spun around in. I remember forging ahead across DC by foot. No public transportation for us! No Sirree! We hoofed it from the White House to the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial to the Ford’s Theater. Hmm. I don’t remember teenaged complaints. Hmm. Maybe check my memory?

I remember ‘forging ahead’ through Gettysburg – Valley Forge – Philadelphia Zoo – The DC Metro – the cabin – Lincoln Memorial – the Smithsonian – and seeing the play ‘Paper Moon’ in Ford’s Theater http://www.playbill.com/article/paper-moon-sails-over-dcs-fords-theatre-march-14-com-69754 . I remember Dylan checking out the paraphernalia in that infamous theater. https://www.fords.org/

It strikes me that ‘forging ahead’ back in my late 30s early 40s had a different quality than ‘forging ahead’ in my late 50s. Back then it was more like a ‘Ridge Forge’ forging. Nowadays – though admittedly pleasant, with its slower, perhaps more focused pace, I’d have to say I’m experiencing a ‘Valley Forge’ forging.

Although I sincerely hope not to experience the forging folks at Valley Forge, during the period from which it got its better known identity, had to endure.