Vance Gilbert has been my songwriting/performing coach for three years.

Working closely with him I’ve come to a place in my singing, playing and writing that I had no idea was even in store for me. It’s not that I had a case of low self esteem when it came to music. It’s that,, though I kept it well hidden, I had a case of ‘I’m all that.’ Ego is a grand growth staller.

I’m on hiatus from Vance’s coaching for the time being in order to concentrate funds for the album I am undertaking with a music producer and director. Reaching this point in my artistic life comes from showing up for Vance’s grilling on a weekly basis.

I still get his web alerts. Very busy summer for him with lots of music festivals. But the one happening that caught my eye big time was for this week: 7/24-7/29. Vance is writing songs with Grammy nominated singer Mike Posner, who hit the charts with his song, ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza.’

Posner wants to record Vance’s song, ‘Unfamiliar Moon.’

(As a joke I once recorded ukulele over Vance’s version of the song. He gave me so much grief for buying a ukulele I just had to pay him back.)

It turns out Posner has interest in another of Vance’s songs and so the two have set up a week to write together.

It would seem to me my natural response might be, “All right, Vance. Congratulations on getting to work with Mike Posner for a whole week.” But, in fact, I find myself thinking rather, “Wow, Mike, you get to work with Vance – a deeply talented and intuitive artist whose radar tunes into all weak spots and stays present for you the whole time – congratulations to you.”