Timers are overrated – especially cooking timers. Peter faithfully uses them.

I simply go on faith…Faith that I will KNOW when the right time is…Faith that I am ONE with my own cooking…(Faith that I will reMEMBER that I put something on the stove or in the oven)…ALL kinds of faith.

I was cooking two lasagnas. One for our neighbors who just had a little girl – Valentina. Four kids now. Brave parents. Brave, brave parents. The other for Peter and Sam. (I don’t eat flour.) Peter was sitting at the kitchen table working.

No timer. Faith.

“My, these noodles are big,” First time they were oversized for the lasagna pan – and I’ve made lasagna LOADS and LOADS of times. I figured it had to be the brand – I had never used Price Chopper noodles before. So I put the next batch in.

Gotta have faith.

Not being one who loves to spend time in the kitchen I found myself getting a bit antsy.

‘They’re done,’ I thought. I poured the noodles out into the colander, sprayed them with cold water to keep them from sticking, and prepared for construction phase.

“Hmm. Too short for the pan this time,” I said, as I laid the first one in. “What’s with these noodles?”

Peter just shook his head and kept on working.