The short of it was – I put my wallet on top of the CRV to get my running shoes out of the back to run Smarts Brook Trail with Peter and Sam.

Yes – I left it there and drove down Route 49 at 40-50mph to the trailhead; Yes – physics took its natural course; Yes – I didn’t know until Sam asked me for money to buy candy at the Town Square when we were back home. (Peter was doing an extended run, preparing for next weekend’s 50K in Sunapee. )

I went to get my wallet from the drawer.

No – wallet.

After reporting the incident to our condo complex’s front desk person and two police stations, Sam and I hopped in the CRV to see if by chance it was still on the road. Many bicyclists travel the route, so the Waterville Valley police officer didn’t hold much hope for its retrieval.

But Sam spotted it in the middle of the road. (He suggested a reward. I suggested candy money was reward enough.) The cash was still there but nothing else. Why would someone leave the cash and take the cards? They wouldn’t. Those cards flew out on their own. I found them one by one on both shoulders of the road.

Yes – we got home and I gave Sam money for candy and he headed out; Yes – I put the wallet back in the drawer; No – I would not tell Peter. No need -right? All’s well.

I heard the front door open.

“How was the run, Honey?” i called out from the bedroom, resting.

“Great,” he called back, “And oh – don’t worry – I found your Museum of Science card.”

Nooooooooooo –