I am finding it difficult to write on all that’s roiling in me since Charlottesville.

My job is to see myself in others – and I do make it an intention to practice that – when I remember.

I know that unbridled fear, me as victim, me as rightful recipient of privilege point of view. And I’m humbled by it – hopefully will be for a lifetime – one moment at a time.

There is freedom of speech and then there is speech that incites harm to others.

It strikes me as a waste of a life to spend one’s time here on Earth striving mightily to ensure the downtrodden-ness, expulsion, and destruction of others based on whatever criteria one’s mind concocts.

I find it takes enormous effort to persistently level the playing field in my mind. I have lots of primal thoughts I am not proud of. I have loads of conditioned, dominant culture, gender generated thoughts that I wish didn’t come rollicking up in my mind.

But I do.

And then I need shift to a higher plane and let that sickness go.

And then it is a wonderland to see and experience Other – every single Other – as me. Not a foreigner, but a familiar.

May we all heal our inner Charlottesvilles – one moment at a time.

(Feels easy to say all this from my keyboard in my office in my home, from the substantive safety – for my race and social status for sure – of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.)