We spent our fourteenth anniversary in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. https://www.proportsmouth.org/index.cfm It’s one of Peter’s and my favorite spots to visit. We spent one anniversary kayaking and noodling around the city. This anniversary we made no set plans.

We thought we might take a ferry out to the Isle of Shoals and Star Island. We didn’t. We thought we might go to the beach and swim. We didn’t.    We thought we might buy ourselves a new set of pots and pans. We didn’t.

We did walk the perimeter along the waterfront and meandered into shops. We did have a nice lunch at one of my favorite places – The Friendly Toast. We did visit a coffee shop, sit and read books we brought along.

At the coffeeshop I did hear one fellow speak of bringing a blanket down to Prescott Park around 2pm to set up for the concert that night. Curious, we headed down that way after lunch.

Low and behold, Taj Mahal and Keb’Mo’ https://www.prescottpark.org/event/taj-mahal-keb-mo?gclid=CNinyanS4NUCFVqBswod7EMJOg were playing that evening. Every Wednesday there is a concert at Prescott Park in the middle of the City. It’s free – though they ask for donations.

So that’s how we spent our fourteenth anniversary. Peter grabbed a blanket from the car and at 7pm we celebrated our anniversary listening to two phenomenal musicians and their band.