Here ‘she’ is.

I picked up National Geographic’s ‘God’ with Morgan Freeman hosting. He travels to different lands exploring human beliefs.

One part of one episode haunts me. It’s of an older couple that created a life-size robotic bust of the wife. When Morgan Freeman spoke to ‘her’ she answered with eerie understanding. ‘She’s’ a computer with thousands and thousands of hours of the woman’s talk and thoughts stored in it. The husband, a scientist, thought it a travesty to lose her sage-like wisdom to future generations through death. He ultimately wants Science to be able to create a robot with a human soul.

This is nightmare material for me. For me, accepting death on life’s terms feels paramount for keeping me right-sized.

On his deathbed our father implored one of his children to make sure his writings did not go to waste. A life desire of his was to have his work published, though he never took steps to do so.

I have told my children that when I die they are to feel no compunction to keep anything. That whatever I do not accomplish in this life I simply do not accomplish. It will not make or break the lives of future generations and I absolutely do not want them to use their time here to fulfill something I have not.

Ever grateful for my opportunity to exist, I hope I accept life on life’s terms. I do hope I leave behind some semblance of goodness that may help as we humans process through eternity, but I hope I remain willing to let me and my life go when it comes time to do so.

And – for the record – I don’t want a life-size robotic bust that can interact with folks left behind in my wake.

Done is done – and that’s okay.