Last Friday Sam and I spent the day with Cora, my granddaughter, celebrating her birthday, which was this past Tuesday – also her first day of school. We followed Cora’s lead – except when she climbed to the top of a stone pillar. Sam did, though his magnified size made it less cozy on top.

We went to the beach (near where they live), to the ‘Slip’, to the library, to her school and finally mini-golfing.

Around 5pm – a half hour before Mom got home from work – we returned to the beach. Sam read his book sitting in the Lifeguard chair since lifeguards left at 5pm. I joined Cora searching for critters. It was low tide. We didn’t find any so we went up on the breakwater to throw rocks. I loaded them into my shirt, forming a pocket from the lower half. Cora followed suit, then we ‘rock hopped’ to the end. Cora’s got a good arm. I helped her with her stance and she threw even farther.

Around 5:30pm we headed home. While driving I said, “Cora, it’s such fun being with you. Thanks so much for this day.” To which Cora replied, “Mama made this day true.”

Is that not the perfect line for a song?