I continue my journey through ‘THE SUFI BOOK OF LIFE: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish” by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.sufibookoflife.com/  Out of all the spiritual traditions I’ve explored, his writings from this tradition ring true to me. He says Sufis call Jesus ‘the breath of God’ and ‘revere [him] as a great dervish.’

So as far as Jesus’ words go, we have the four gospels officially chosen to represent Christianity – but there are many. The Gospel of Thomas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Thomas enlivens me. Here’s a translation of what Thomas heard Jesus say:

If you give birth to what is within you

The voices you redeem will redeem you.

If you fail to find and give birth to them,

They become part of what is destroying you.

I am 57 years old and I am going back to Q Division Studios to record an ‘album’ with a music producer, director and top notch rhythm section this coming Monday and Tuesday. I don’t know the full reason why – other than I need to live out my musical life in a way that feels commensurate with my abilities and my failure to at least try will be destructive. I want to give what I can.

I enjoin you to join with me in bringing to birth whatever we can within ourselves to help add to life’s construction.

Ever onward.