I’ve got to admit I go a lot from my gut. When I heard the Trump Administration intends to end DACA my insides roared NO! I am heartened to hear that 15 states, along with my home state of Massachusetts, are suing the Administration regarding their intention to end DACA. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/09/06/massachusetts-joins-other-states-suing-trump-administration-over-daca/u2piYDWB8QlMEiOc4XC5fP/story.html

What is it with this group of human beings? What are they afraid of?

I DO NOT WANT A ‘WHITE’ AMERICA! I still balk at the terms white, brown, black. I should really be saying, “I do not want a ‘pink and beige and on very rare occasion white and some whose skin color changes more and less radically due to sun exposure in the summer time’ America.”


Human beings originated on the continent of Africa. That’s where we all got our start. All our ancestors had dark skin to protect them from the harmful rays of the equatorial sun. What wonder! What fine evolving! We with lighter skin have it due to mutations in our genes. Our skin lightened because it was more beneficial when our ancestors moved to areas with less intense sunlight. We couldn’t have planned it any better ourselves!

In essence WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS by virtue of those of us whose more recent ancestors chose to leave our continent of origin and venture up and outward. Even those folks who lived here on this part of the North American continent before the onslaught of those European immigrants stormed their shores, were immigrants – getting here by a piece of land bridging the Asian continent to our North American one.

So, unless we are still in Africa – WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS!