One artist I have always admired is James Taylor. Getting ready to put final vocals over the tracks we recorded this past Monday and Tuesday I researched Taylor to hear his phrasing. As is wont to happen on the ether sidelines, other options popped up.

One was a Ted talk given by Sally Taylor, their daughter. I saw her as a toddler in one of their interviews so I clicked on it. A fortuitous click. She began her Ted talk by speaking of herself as a child devastated with the diagnosis of dyslexia and how her mother, Carly Simon, saved her in that moment.

In college Ms. Taylor heard one of her professors tell the story ‘Elephant and The Blind Men’. Each experienced and aspect of the elephant and so thought they knew the elephant and so disagreed with each other’s perception.

Taylor chose 22 images of one subject and gave each of those 22 photographs to 22 musicians. ‘What is this to you?’ she asked. ‘There are no right answers.’ Each of those musicians created their own response. Then she took those musical responses and shared them with 22 dancers. And thus continued her chain through several more art form artists.

In 2014 she toured the country with her project ‘Consenses’ and the final link was realized. Areas were set up for viewers/experiencers to express their own responses and add them to the walls of the shared space.

How can each of us contribute to our world’s ‘Consenses?’