A vibrant young woman came to our door the other afternoon. As it turned out she was selling an organic cleaner. Whenever there is a door-to-door salesperson my skepticism kicks in. I will be honest and say even when I acquiesce to purchasing their product a voice of reason persists, knowing I may have been ‘had’ in some manner.

This woman started off by asking me about myself. About my work. About my hopes and aspirations. Then she asked what I would say to a young woman who was trying to get to where I am in life. I stated quite honestly I don’t know that I would encourage anyone to try and get to where I am in life – but I would wish for each person striving to better their lives that they have the courage to break through all the ways they feel they’re limited.

She was committed for a felony – for spending over one thousand dollars she didn’t have in her bank account. She went to prison for three years and there, resolved never to return.

And I felt this silent steel jawed anger rise in me. First – at the disparity of opportunity for folks not born with lighter skin and how utterly inane and wrong that is; and second – how bankers and other financiers, who have virtually ruined the livelihood of a significant swath of our population, have spent no time at all in prison.

I aspire to embody that young woman’s determination and tenacity as I enter the business realm with my art.

I am one bottle of organic cleaner richer.