Sam is waiting for his ‘skate shoes’ (I don’t know if there’s any such things called ‘sneakers’ any more). We ordered them from the Nike store at Wrentham Outlets Tuesday, as Nike did not have them in their store.

On his iPhone (I caved and let him have one in 8th grade rather than 9th. His dad is less – ‘stalwart’ – than I – though some might say ‘rigid.’) Sam has been checking the progress of his shipment daily – maybe even half-day-ly. Driving home from somewhere yesterday Sam filled me in on the progress of his delivery.

“When we were kids we’d have to wait weeks to get anything in the mail and just accepted that it showed up whenever it did.” [or didn’t]

“That’s terrible.”

“No, it was great. We lived a more analog existence. Your generation seems so hyper-focused on the minute-to-minuteness of life due to all your access to digital technology. Life felt much freer then.”

“Mom, you can’t tell me what’s terrible or not. I’m the one experiencing it. For me, living the way you said you did, would be terrible.”

Point taken.