Singing is an Art

Singing is truly an art.

Artists like Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox, Joan Armatrading, Jim Croce and others, I assumed just always had to lay down one or two vocal tracks per song per recording and were done.

I have spent upwards of 8 hours working the first vocal draft for one of the eleven songs for my upcoming album. That much time spent making one vocal performance of one song sound natural and comfortably intimate – and that’s just according to my own judgment.

Line by line, word by word. Reshaping worn melodies; leaving space to hear band nuances; take after take until my singing sounds truly present to me. And then I run it by the ears of my producer.

Like anything, I imagine the more those aforementioned artists work their craft – through writing, performing, practicing and recording – the more quickly and substantively they can access their abilities. I highly doubt they need spend 8 hours per song recording

at this point in their careers.

Singing is an art – and I’m excited to begin learning it again in a new way.