Should I or shouldn’t I?

So tomorrow youngest son goes out to western Mass on a zip line adventure with his Boy Scout troop. In the morning I’m going to our granddaughter’s soccer game while Peter sees son Sam off, scouts out a new trail, tends to various existing trail stuff, and does his running back here in town.

We’ll have afternoon and evening time alone together.

“What should we do?” he asks.

“Let’s go tear it up on our mountain bikes in Vietnam (a magnificent circuit of trails running through the woods in Milford, Mass – but the only tearing up I ever do is knees and elbows) . We can go off that massive boulder those kids scream off right up the hill from rte. 85. That way the ambulance can have easy access.”

“Well no. Deeper in there’s a canyon we can launch ourselves over from one end to the other.”

“I’m not doing that one. You can do that one. I want the one that’s closer to the ambulance.”

“Okay. When you call them say your husband’s farther in. I’m pretty sure they can still get their equipment back there.”

It’s great making plans when you finally get time alone together.