Sometimes one’s being is washed over by a beauty too big to bear. I’ve lived long and partially conscious enough to know that that beauty is different for each and every one of us. Yet I hope at one time or another we’ve all felt it.

I felt it last night. My producer emailed rough mixes of songs we’re recording for my upcoming album. I listened to them after the Patriot’s game last night – a beauty that was not too big to bear. Midnight approacheth but I donned my headphones to give a quick listen before bedtime (which should have been hours beforehand).

Crit Harmon and Brad Hatfield are my cohorts and companions in this escapade. I could not have better teachers. Education finds us in creative ways. I’ve learned even more of what I’ve been learning from my coach, Vance Gilbert, these past few years.

I’ve learned Kindness – to the song, to the hearer, to the music, to myself. I’ve learned Power in singing humble. I’ve learned Generosity of good will and helping others move forward. I’ve learned Joy of being part of creating a unique and magnificent sounding project.

Ever grateful to them for so aptly helping this project become, for me at least, what last night felt like a beauty too big to bear.