We are mixing and mastering my album at Q Division Studios October 26-27. I consider that to be an auspicious date as one of them is one of my brother’s birthdays.

The past few weeks I have been working with my producer to create final lead vocals. To slip on those headphones, step in front of an exquisite microphone and feel like I am singing effortlessly, due to the way he has the sound mixed (along with some years of practice), is to me one of life’s great joys.

So there’s this one song I wrote called ‘Wastin’ Time.’ I was inspired to write it after hearing Claudia Schmidt in concert quote an author who said, ‘If you enjoy wasting time then that’s not time wasted.” Threw my sprockets into a whirlwind. (I was dealing with four teenagers at the time.) So the way I’ve always performed that song is to have one calm, serene voice singing that lead line as the chorus, and a harried, frantic voice singing the verses. I tend to run at a high energy level – especially in certain singing situations – and have been used to a slightly unbridled approach.

“Kindness,” he said.

Pulled me up short. I was singing the last chorus and that calm, serene voice flew into an energetic, slightly challenging adlib.

“Be kind to me.”

Though I never alluded to it, a wall came crumbling down in that moment.

“You mean, at 57 years of age I can give up all this angst [and sublimated (and not always so sublimated) anger] I’ve been hauling around?’