It’s a curious thing – the work of the Foley Artist. Today is the day my engineer for my ‘Six Kids’ Songs, Six Radio Shows’ project does a temporary mix of all six radio plays now replete with sound effects.

There’s the story of Evalina the Dinosaur. Philly Chatterton, the Foley Artist from Toronto Island who has so magically transformed these productions with his work, was on the search for just the right sound to layer over the fundamental sound he was using for the thirty ton, seventy foot long Apatosaurus.

To have ears that hear sounds under and around sounds all wrapped up into one. That’s precision! There is a moment in the Leo the Lion story where Leo leaps up into the sky and becomes a constellation. When Philly and I first talked on the phone he told me how a neighbor of his on the island had made a mobile out of sea glass and hung it on her front porch. He heard that as Leo’s ascent.

I’m waiting with baited breath to get back the temp mixes so I can feast my own ears on the richness of the worlds he’s created through Foley.

I got an email from Philly telling me by a strange twist of fate he is going to be at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. He’ll be presenting on using Foley in Horror Films.

I encourage all those with ears to come hear!