For fun we ran through Central Park 7am Sunday the morning after the wedding. There’s nothing like a good morning run to witness change in relationship.

On our first runs together my now husband was happy to run beside or behind me at my pace. We’d chat happily or just run along in buoyant quiet camaraderie.

Fast forward to NYC, Sunday, October 15, 2017.

“Left!” He called behind as one of the streetlights changed. “Cross.” “That way.” “Don’t we need to go this way?” “No. That way.”

We arrived at Central Park. He led and I worked hard to keep up. He wanted to run on the main thoroughfare with all the fast people. I wanted to meander down side paths seeing scenery and scouting out the general public. We ended up at the reservoir.

Seeking relief from his pace – albeit slow for him accommodating me, I suggested, “Why don’t you go your own pace around the reservoir and then double back to find me? We can meet between these two trees as a back up plan.” “Sounds good.”

While running I discovered a path hugging the reservoir in a tighter circle than the one we were running. ‘Maybe I can beat him.’ No chance. But I took it, with little regard for the ‘then you double back to find me’ part. So Peter ran back fruitlessly searching for me.

But our back up plan worked. We met between the two trees where I was enjoying my self-styled T’ai Chi routine.

“Where were you?” “I took the path up there,” I said, pointing toward the reservoir. He gave me a hard stare. But with all that extra distance Peter was easier to keep up with on the way back to our hotel.

It’s always good to have a back up back up plan!