Central Park never ceases to amaze me. How visionary it was in the 1800s to preserve the space as sanctuary. Frederick Law Olmstead was one of the main designers. https://www.nycgovparks.org/about/history/olmsted-parks I remember him featuring prevalently through the halls of the Harvard School of Design, where I worked in the eighties. Yikes! The eighties!

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a wonderfully intimate and visionary wedding of the daughter of friends. It took place at Cop Cot – a pavilion constructed of natural wood with vines weaving through branch slats overhead. http://www.centralpark.com/things-to-do/attractions/cop-cot/ Thank goodness it didn’t rain.

Sitting beside my mate, I listened as best I could hear in that open space, to the ‘marriage officiant.’ I heard: “You are here to dedicate yourselves to the well being and happiness of each other.”

From the time I was young I have felt strongly drawn toward the spiritual. The earliest tangible spiritual experience I remember having was when I was around twelve years old.

As I am growing into marriage with my husband, after hearing that officiant’s words, I, who yearned for many years to lead a monk-like life, came to a deeper knowing of the grace in choosing to live into the vow of dedicating myself to the well being and happiness of another. It is perhaps one of the greatest releases from ‘the bondage of self’: Marriage.

How visionary.