I spent Halloween in Mattapoisett with my daughter and granddaughter (and her other grandparents). She was dressed as a vampire – the most striking vampire I have ever seen – replete in a red and black velvet dress with hoop skirt and red lipstick. My goodness! Vampires have moved up in the world!

She and it were glorious. Being an oceanside community, Mattapoisett’s downtown has houses and businesses packed in together on narrow street – a great area for Halloween booty.

As it turns out Mattapoisett’s Halloween Parade has been a tradition for 60 years! (Hmm. Food for thought – that’s only three years more than me!) https://southcoasthistory.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/historyofmattapoisetthalloween/

What joy. Loads of costumed kids lining up door to door. Homes along the route do up their houses quite creepily. One even converted their garage into a haunted house. A restaurant/inn decked out their front deck in plentiful Halloween fashion and had the kids go in one screen door, collect their prizes, and exit through the other.

I did my best to keep up the pace of our li’l vampire. She was with a donut and a broken doll. “Candy,” she called out, pointing vigorously to the next lit up purveyor.

A great potential palette of possibility and splendor is laid out for all those able to participate in an adored and tried and true tradition, such as the Halloween Parade in Mattapoisett.