Last Thursday and Friday I had the joy of mixing my upcoming album at Q Division Studios in Somerville – Jon Lupfer and Joel Edinberg engineering. This is one place I could stay locked up in for days on end – as long as there were musical sounds to play with.

One of the songs I wrote and recorded is titled, ‘Wastin’ Time.’ The above picture seemed to embody that – although there was NO TIME WASTED! Well – little time wasted as I did, over the course of those couple days, say a bunch of jokes – good and bad.

I love this process. From working with my producer, Crit Harmon, who suggested I sing the verses like Ella Fitzgerald might scat (instead of singing/speaking them like a frenzied workaholic), to Brad Hatfield, Marty Ballou and Jim Gwin creating the exceptional arrangement I got to sing to and Stan Strickland throwing the icing on the cake with his amazing flute escapades – felt like anything but ‘Wastin’ Time.’

Looking to release the album in Spring 2018