I have to admit I was waiting on two business calls as I waited in the lobby of the Museum of Science this morning. Yes, I kept checking my iPhone. But I usually make it a point not to bring my iPhone with me when I am involved in family outings. I find it a relief when I don’t have it. Though I am finding myself getting more conditioned to believing I need it. Which tendency I will work vociferously to counteract.

I looked down off the mezzanine with the spiral staircase that leads to the bottom floor. About every third adult had iPhones. It felt like an iPhone invasion. I watched children engaged in curious activity as adults interrupted them to pose for pictures. I watched a toddler beside me stare off into space as his parent busily texted back and forth with another. I watched as parents sat off at a distance, not taking in what their child was up to, but rather looking up periodically to make sure all was well while they communicated with another off over the ether.

And though I was certain my two thirteen-year old wards were ever grateful for my lack of companionship, I was uncomfortably aware of my own decision.

So after I finished my phone calls I turned off the ringer and set out (sans GPS) to find the two teen comrades in ‘Gridiron Glory’ – the football exhibit open until January. https://www.mos.org/exhibits/gridiron-glory 

Funny enough – they did not seem too adverse to my company after all.