So – for all intents and purposes I have been working on my musical theater piece, Tatterhood, in earnest for almost three years. The six radio plays/stories for the past six or seven years. The six children’s songs for years and for a year in a focused way before we recorded them nearly three years ago. And this album ever since I began working with my songwriting coach November 2013.

So is it synchronicity or happenstance that they are all reaching their creative and productive zenith at the same time?

For my own wellbeing I tend to err on the side of synchronicity. Whether or not that is how life is ordered, truthfully, is of little consequence to me in the scheme of things. What is of consequence is that I lead a life I feel good in because then I can do more good for others.

In the words of a priest I didn’t know I was seeking out (being of no particular denomination) until I found him one flurry of a day over 20 years ago while I was in a personal crisis, and asked him, ‘What happens if when you die, you find out there really is no god?’ he responded, ‘So what. At least I’ve lived my life in a way that feels good to me.’

Synchronicity or happenstance? Yes.