I am learning to appreciate the great benefits of technology. I continue to be heartened by the spirit of our millennial generation. And I am learning of the joy and good will of community oriented marketing.

Elder son is in charge of marketing for three Boston area Whole Foods Stores. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/ He asked me for a photo of Grampy. His uncle sent a link to a number of photos through the funeral home we engaged the services of in 2011. Myriad photos of Grampy are still accessible online.

A few days ago – and of course a few days AFTER the event – my son texted me photos showing how he and his Whole Foods team used the photos they were collecting.

There were full sized color photo cardboard cut-outs of employees holding the photos of their loved ones who served in the military. Names and military divisions displayed. The display helped raise $3200 in support of a local homeless shelter for veterans.

There is goodness happening in this world even when we [your own mother! :)] don’t know it.