Be the hub.

I have been revisiting Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge.’ She is Buddhist – a practice I have been strongly drawn toward since college many moons ago. I took a class with Robert Thurman, who Brach mentions in her book.

My meditation practice ebbs and flows.

Sometimes I do it. Sometimes I don’t. When I do life goes better. When I don’t…

I am in a quasi ‘do’ phase right now. And Brach shared imagery that I’d like to share with you. A teacher passed it on to her and she said it changed her life. I wonder how it may change mine.

Imagine yourself as the hub of a bicycle wheel – spokes jutting out to the rim. Each spoke represents thinking and each rim segment between spokes represents a group of obsessive thoughts.

Brach says in meditation we will traverse spokes and get caught in segments on the rim. All we then need do is head back down the spoke to the hub – where we can sit centered and still as the rest whirls around us