I emptied my closet, loaded myriad mirrors into my car, had my hair and make up done early morning, and headed to Medford.

My photographer, Erik Jacobs, http://www.jacobsphotographic.us/about-erik/ was there, setting up his lights, backdrops, and camera. We were able to use my producers old house as purchase and sale wasn’t being signed for another two weeks.

I bustled into an abandoned bedroom, hung some clothes in the empty closet and laid some others on the unadorned floor. I donned three different outfits for the three-hour shoot. Three hours. Three hours filled up with taking photographs of me.

Three hours to capture the cover of my upcoming album (yes I still call it that!) ‘Both Sides Now’.

So we cracked a mirror. Or shall I say he cracked a mirror. When he suggested it I said, “Good idea – but no way am I cracking it!”

But I did bring in the palm-sized rock. Which Erik wielded mightily – to no avail. So I brought in a mini-boulder that he dropped from, as it turned out to be, rather conservative heights – again to no avail. I suggested he drop it from higher – which he did – about two and a half feet or so. It worked.

Does that make me an accomplice?