A young friend of mine, who illustrated my children’s picture book and covers for radio plays, is moving from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. http://www.sarazievemiller.com/  She contacted me to ask if I’d be a character reference (in a heartbeat).

Connections – and I recalled my sister-in-law’s brother and family lived there. (As it turns out, they used to live there – moved to another borough.)

So in my technological sophistication I googled brother’s website to send friend a link. Totally bowled over. Can’t say exactly why because I always sensed he was devoted to his craft and mission.  https://www.yako440.com/   I knew he was a Hip Hop artist and educator but I had no idea the extent of his work. (And his partner-wife is an accomplished photographer as well – she’s written up in the New York Times.)

Forever I feel enlivened when I witness the work of ones deeply ensconced in their art and community. A group of these young people travel all over the world and work with teenagers to help them find their own voices through the arts. I listened to interviews and promotional clips and my smile spread wider and wider. Hope breaks through in pockets.

The title of this cut, also the name of his new band, especially caught my interest and attention. Even if it’s not quite your cup of tea, it’s worth your scrutiny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oDP7UJ43Y0