Apparently April Fools Day originated in Europe. France moved from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar and began celebrating New Years on January 1st instead of March 25 to April 1st

Folks played hoaxes and jokes on those ‘not in the know’. Sounds like fodder for a Dr. Seuss special!

I grin ear to ear knowing Easter falls on April Fools Day this year. I think Jesus would get a kick out of it. I’d love to see the type of hoax he’d play. Do you think if Jesus were alive today he would believe he was resurrected? I wonder.

Yet I am a fool for resurrection. I believe in it. I’ve experienced it – resurrected from a hopeless state of body, mind and spirit. It’s taken some time and effort. In my thirties I was, at one point, ready to end my life. Now, almost thirty years later I have vast interest in living as well and long as I possibly can.

Mental and spiritual resurrections carry the greatest weight with me. I’ll leave the debate over the body to others. I once did not believe, then believed, and now I absolutely believe I don’t know and don’t particularly care to know.

I do know I love April Fools Day. I do know I love the reality of resurrection.
I hope I play the fool well today! And I’ll hope for many small resurrections throughout this blessed day!