Gearing up for my CD release party at Amazing Things in Framingham at 1pm Sunday, June 10th (yes, that’s a plug), I play ‘Both Sides Now’ at our piano – the one piece I’ll accompany myself on piano at the show.

So there I was, leaning into that last verse, “But now old friends are acting strange. They shake their heads and say I’ve [hold that one………release into…] changed”. I open my eyes and something startles me to the left. I jack knife my face towards the intrusion to see Peter, my husband, mouthing something to me in a demure yet forthright manner. Pulled up short, still feeling the emotions from that last phrase meaning that there’s no way on Earth I can either hear or comprehend what he’s trying to say, I stop abruptly (akin to slamming into a brick wall) and….resisting the urge to lash out in unbridled vitriol, I attempt to subdue myself… “WHAT???!!!”

Standing there with a sincere, modest and concerned expression, he says…                     “You’ve changed.”