I was speaking with a friend whose craft is business. She has spent her adult life in it. It’s a realm that has until now eluded me, though I am venturing in with all the gusto I can muster to support these illustrious projects I have endeavored to produce: ‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Each Song a Story’ radio plays & songs. I said how I so admire people in business putting their selves out there so markedly (pun intended) in a forum where success and failure walk hand in hand. She told me she marvels at those who can create something from nothing.

In some unusual and unexpected way I felt named. That’s it. I create something from nothing. I actually crave creating something from nothing. If I could spend all my time creating something from nothing I think I’d be blissfully happy. Maybe that’s going a bit overboard, but creating something from nothing (What is nothing anyway?) does feel like home to me. Sometimes it is the solid something-ness of things that gives me the heebeegeebees.

Of course, this ‘creating something out of nothing’ orientation does have its own particular repercussions.

Part of my foray into the business world of music making is submitting my album to CD Baby https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD_Baby for distribution. (Release date: Friday, June 8 – two days before our CD release party!) http://amazingthings.org/event/amanda-maffei-cd-release-party/ The submission process through CD Baby is straightforward and comprehensive, but I had to smile when I read this directive under the instruction to list the number of tracks on your album. Again I (and my kind) felt named:

“List how many tracks your CD player says are on your disc, not your creative opinion.”