Posters are printed and being put up, postcards sent by snail mail, Facebook messages posted in the ether, newspapers, both internet and printed, are being contacted – Maffei marketing is in gear. The goal? to sell out my CD Release Party Sunday, June 10th, 1pm at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham on 160 Hollis Street!

Apparently being on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius means I have both business and creative leanings. Having given healthy homage to the creative it is time to give conscientious attention to the business.

“What you want on the day of the event is to know that you did absolutely everything you could possibly do to advertise your show,” explained coach Don White. “No matter how full the house is you do not want to say to yourself, ‘oh, I wish I had done such and such.’” Straightforward and do-able advice.

As I draw closer and closer to my horizon I strive all the more not to life in ‘If Only.’ Though ‘If Only’ was once a mantra that I felt kept me feeling safe, it no longer serves.

May we each find the courage to push through our own ‘If Only’s.