It’s difficult living in our country with the person acting as our president. I have never felt this way before. I admit to being a tried and true democrat, but I have never felt this way about any other republican president – even George W. Bush. Though I questioned his judgement, knowledge and motives, I always felt he was humane. Most words and actions of this man in office speak to me of a severely limited and damaged person.

I heard the story of a Mexican journalist whose life was in danger due to challenging some powerful people in his country. He escaped over the border to the U.S. for protection. Within weeks I.C.E. locked him up, though he had no criminal record and had gone through the necessary legal channels to seek asylum. The judge denied him but he was legally in our country awaiting appeal. While here he criticized our Administration’s policies on immigration. Shortly thereafter he was picked up and put in jail.

Easy to hear –  through his friends and people who care for our constitution he was freed. Not through a judicial hearing, but through the courts demanding I.C.E. turn over all correspondence relating to the detainment of the journalist. I.C.E. freed him the day before those documents were due. That was hard to hear.

Freedom of Speech.

We keep a man in office who has mocked handicapped people, declared whole nationalities of people rapists, terrorists and murderers all from his opinion for effect, and he is free (apparently) to do as he will. And a journalist, intelligently (and with due cause) expressing his opposition –in tune with a large swath of U.S. citizens – to our present Administration’s immigration policies – is locked up for stating his views based on fact.

I am finding the ethos of this Administration harder and harder to hear.